Teacher Dashboard

Welcome to Parallel! Your teacher code is "{{user.data.code}}".

What to do next:

  • Ask your students to create an account, entering your Teacher Code when prompted.
  • Your students will then be automatically added to the dashboard below, listed by school year.
  • Your students will receive a link to the new Parallelogram each Friday at 4pm.
  • They should complete the Parallelogram and hit submit by 7pm on Sunday.
  • At 7pm on Sunday, the answers to that week’s Parallelogram will be automatically available.
  • You’ll also be able to see all of your students’ results below.
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Year 7

{{ p.week }}
{{ s.name }}{{ teacher.answers[s.id][p.url].score }}%

Year 8

{{ p.week }}
{{ s.name }}{{ teacher.answers[s.id][p.url].score }}%