Parallel Universe Awards

Screen capture of a Parallel Circles live event

We want to celebrate and recognise all the time and effort that our students put into their mathematics within the Parallel Universe.

So, in August, at the end of the academic year, we will be awarding a certificate to students who have been completing Parallelograms. And, of course, we will be awarding a certificate to students who have been attending our live Parallel Circles over the summer.

And, if you complete Parallelograms and attend Parallel Circles, then you will earn our first ever Parallel diploma, which will recognise all your accomplishments. When you receive your diploma, make sure that you let your school know - it is something that you, your parents and your teachers should be proud of.

Parallelogram Points

Your latest Parallelogram points are displayed on your badges page.

In August we will be distributing certificates to our students. Below, you can see how many points you will need in order to earn each certificate. This year, a large number of students joined the Parallel Universe in May, so these students will be eligible for Summer certificates, which require fewer points to achieve.

Summer CertificatesFull Certificates
Gold1,0003,000 points
Silver7502,000 points
Bronze5001,000 points
Stone250500 points

Parallel Circles Points

When our live Maths Circles start in June, you will be on the path to achieving your summer certificate. At the end of the end of the summer, we will tally up the number of minutes that you spent in our maths circles and you will earn one of the following certificates: