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The Parallel Project aims to encourage young mathematicians to explore the world of mathematics by providing a weekly set of challenges that are designed to stretch brains and broaden horizons. The goal is to help good mathematicians become strong, and to help strong mathematicians become brilliant.

This pilot version will run for only 4 weeks, but we hope to return in September with a continuous offering week after week designed for students in Y7 and Y8. In time, we hope to have materials that are accessible to all secondary students, right through to GCSE, and for children still in primary school.

Anyone can sign up, so please spread the work among your friends, family and classmates. However, the Parallel Project was originally devised as an add-on for students participating in the Top-Top Set Project. The Top-Top Sets have been established in four schools, so far, to help enthusiastic young mathematician to achieve their potential. You can find out more about Top-Top Sets below.

Both the Top-Top Set Project and the Parallel Project are run by author Simon Singh and Good Thinking, a charity that promotes science and challenges pseudoscience. Different parts of the website were designed and built by Philipp Legner (creator of the brilliant Mathigon), Richard Lissaman (creator of the superb Sumaze!) and BAHFest hero Ed Thorne.

Top-Top Set

The Top-Top Set (TTS) project is running a pilot in two secondary schools in Newham and two schools in SE England. The aim of the pilot and the project overall is to maximise the potential of numerate and ambitious students (starting in Year 7), by nurturing and challenging them until they leave school for higher education. Students involved in the project should be aiming beyond A* at A level, so that they are able to earn places on STEM degree courses at the best universities, and are then able to thrive as undergraduates.

If the pilot is successful, the aim is to grow the project rapidly. Our aspiration is that the TTS is available in all schools, thereby significantly increasing the number of high-performing STEM students, particularly from groups who have been previously underrepresented.

The Newham part of the project is being co-ordinated by Matthew Squire at Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre.

Good Thinking

Good Thinking is a charity founded by Simon Singh. In short, the charity promotes science and challenges pseudoscience. Its support of the Top-Top Set Project and the Parallel Project show that it is committed to support maths education, which in turn supports science education.

If you want to support Good Thinking’s work, you can make a donation.

"Minds are like parachutes. They only function when open."
– Scottish distiller Thomas Dewar

"I believe in an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out."
– New York Times publisher Arthur Hays Sulzberger