Parallelogram 3 Level 1 21 Sep 2023Use maths to tie your shoes fast

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Noun: Parallelogram Pronunciation: /ˌparəˈlɛləɡram/

  1. a portmanteau word combining parallel and telegram. A message sent each week by the Parallel Project to bright young mathematicians.
  • Tackle each Parallelogram in one go. Don’t get distracted.
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1. Why waste time when you could use maths?

Watch this Numberphile video showing a super fast way to tie your shoes

(If you have problems watching the video, right click to open it in a new window)

2 marks

1.1 What was the name of Matt's "base knot", which had a minimum of three crossings?

  • Tree Foil Knot
  • Shrub Wrapping Knot
  • Trefoil Knot
  • Figure 8 Knot
  • (Not answered)

The Trefoil Knot is the simplest non-trivial prime knot, it has been depicted in stone carvings and in art throughout human history.

2 marks

1.2 Before the loops are passed over to the other hand they must be going:

  • The same direction, both looping forward
  • The same direction, both looping backward
  • Different directions, one looping forward, one looping backwards
  • (Not answered)
2 marks

1.3 This Trefoil Knot has three "crossings"

What is the combined total of the crossings of these knots?

Correct Solution: 18 crossings

2. Life is easier with maths

From tying your shoelaces, to cutting a cake, to finding the quickest route on Google Maps, Maths can be used to make life easier and more efficient.

2 marks

2.1 You are organising a charity BBQ.

Veggie patties are sold in boxes of 9, but the buns are sold in packs of 12.

What is the smallest amount of assembled burgers you can make so that there will be no patties or buns left over?

Correct Solution: 36 veggie burgers

2 marks

2.2 Maths can even be used to make Maths easier!

One of these numbers can be divided by 4 to give a whole number. Without doing the division, can you tell which one?

  • 2387360945
  • 4444444442
  • 1616161616
  • 8000000022
  • (Not answered)

(Hint: you only need to look at the last two digits)

If the last two digits of a number are in the 4 times table then the whole number is divisible by 4, no matter how big it is!

3. Big changes in the Parallel Universe

There are some big changes to the Parallel Universe, so here is a quick message from Simon.

(If you have problems watching the video, right click to open it in a new window)

2 marks

3.1 In the video, Simon talks about Parallel maths circles (you can find out more about maths circles here).

According to Simon, how many maths circles are available to join for free on the Parallel website every week?

  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • (Not answered)

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