Parallel for Parents

We have designed the Parallel website to help students expand their mathematical horizons beyond the school curriculum and to stretch their ambitions.

The site is currently aimed at 11- to 14-year olds, but younger students might benefit if they are confident mathematicians and if you are able to occasionally give them a helping hand. Moreover, older students will find some interesting problems and topics. In short, everyone is welcome.

What is the best way to use the website?

  • Students should sign up and create a free account (everything is free).
  • We issue a new Parallelogram each Thursday at 3pm, and students are encouraged to complete it by Sunday evening, or before the next Parallegram is released the following Thursday.
  • The Parallelogram is marked and the score is returned to the student, along with access to the answer sheet. Going through the answer sheet is probably even more important than going through the question sheet.
  • We are encouraging teachers to assign Parallelograms to their top set students, so you could encourage your son or daughter’s teacher to set Parallelograms for the whole class.
  • If your child’s teacher is not setting Parallelograms, then he or she can complete them independently at home.
  • We currently have three streams of Parallelograms:
          - Year 7 students (for 11/12-year-olds).
          - Year 8 students (for 12/13-year-olds).
          - Year 9 students (for 13/14-year-olds).
  • Your child will be assigned to one of the streams according to their age or year group, with younger children being assigned to the Year 7 stream, and older students being assigned to the Year 9 stream.
  • If your child is in Year 6 or below, then they will benefit from following the Year 7 Parallelograms, as long as you are able sit with them and guide them through any material that might be too challenging.
  • Crucially, please stress to your child that getting answers wrong does not matter – it is an opportunity to learn something. Moreover, the Parallelograms are designed to include new and challenging material, and we would not be doing our job if every students was getting 100%.