Introduction for Teachers

Parallel is an opportunity for your students to broaden their mathematical horizons and stretch their brains via a series of weekly web-based maths sheets, known as Parallelograms, published online at 3pm each Thursday.

Each maths challenge sheet, so-called Parallelogam, is set by Simon Singh, author of several best-selling books, and questions are automatically marked and explanations are provided.

There is a separate Parallelogram for Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 students.

The material is all FREE.

We strongly recommend that you use Parallel in the following way.

First, select a group of ambitious students, with the expectation that they will complete the Parallel web challenges EVERY week, i.e., it is part of their regular homework. Your students should be keen and fairly strong mathematicians, as this is an extra dose of maths (albeit fun) at the weekend It is better that a dozen students in the top set follow the programme for the whole year, rather than the whole top set starting in September and giving up in October. Once you have decided that you have identified a dedicated group of students who will benefit from Parallel, then:

  1. Create a teacher account, which is quick, easy and free.
  2. You will then receive your Teacher Code, which you should share with your students.
  3. Ask your students to create a free student account, entering your Teacher Code when requested.
  4. Each Thursday, remind your students to complete each Parallel challenge by Monday.
  5. On Monday, check how well the students have done via your dashboard.
  6. Make sure any student who hasn’t completed a challenge catches up quickly.

Students can create their own accounts and continue without a teacher code, but they will be more successful and more likely to complete the whole year of Parallel challenges if you are a guiding influence and if there are a few other classmates taking part. Importantly, remember, you don’t have to mark or even discuss and of the Parallel questions or videos.

So, why not give it a try. Signing up as a teacher is quick, easy and free.